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Indila – Love Story lyrics

[Verse 1]
The soul in pain
He lives but barely speaks
He waits in front of this photo of yesteryear
He, he’s not crazy
He believes in it, that’s all
He sees her everywhere
He waits for her standing
A rose has the hand
Apart from her he expects nothing
Nothing around has any meaning
And the air is heavy
The absent gaze
He is alone and speaks to her often
He, he is not crazy
He loves her that’s all
He Sees her everywhere
He waits for her standing
Standing with a rose in his hand
No, nothing is holding

him back either [Chorus]
In his love story
In his love story
In his love story
His love story

[Verse 2]
Take my hand
Promise me everything will be alright
Hold me
close Close to you I’m still dreaming
Yes, yes I want to stay
But I don’t know how to love anymore
I was too stupid
Please stop
Stop, like I’m sorry
No I didn’t want all that
I’ll be rich
And I’ll give you all my gold
And if you don’t care
I’ll wait for you at the port
And if you ignore me
I’ll give you my last breath of life

[ Chorus]
In my love story
In my love story
In my love story
My love story

[Verse 3]
A candle
Can light up the night
A smile
Can build a whole empire
And there’s you
And there’s me
And no one believes it
But love makes a fool a king
And if you ignore me I’ll
fight again and again

It’s your love story
It’s your love story
It’s the story of a life
Love story

Cries of joy
A few tears we’re leaving
We live in this love story
Love story, love story, love story…

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